Mystic Inka Ritual
90 Minutes | $200

Take a mystic and relaxing journey to the heart of the Peruvian Andes! This ritual consists of four exotic, indigenous products that captivate the spirit and pamper the skin. Purple corn to purify; Lucuma to energize; Sacha Inchi to regenerate and Quinoa to nourish. Each product is applied with a different massage technique inspired by Inca tradition. Your skin will feel velvety soft and smooth while your spirit will be lifted and calmed.

Rainforest Foot Ritual*
45 Minutes | $100

Rejuvenate your feet and lower legs. This ritual begins with a foot soak in a bath of Thai rainforest clove and tangerine, rosemary, pink grapefruit and sweet almond oils. Next, your lower legs and feet will be exfoliated with a Himalayan pink salt scrub infused with peppermint, blue ginger and black pepper. After the scrub, enjoy a massage utilizing a steamed Thai herbal poultic. The finishing step is a masque containing menthol, aloe and a blend of oils including avocado. Enjoy a neck, shoulder and scalp massage while the masque does its magic. Your feet and legs will emerge feeling energized and silky soft. your spirit will be lifted from the aromatherapy!  Add on 15 minutes of reflexology for a full hour of bliss.

Exotic Garden Body Wrap*
60/90 Minutes | $150/$230


Drift away in an exotic Thai garden. This full body ritual begins with an exfoliating scrub featuring sweet orange, lavender and jojoba oils blended with macadamia nut, shea butter, red jasmine rice and cocoa shell powder to gently buff away your dead skin. Next, you will be smothered and cocooned with a masque of black mulberry, macadamia nut and oils of cedarwood, geranium and rosemary. Enjoy a lovely scalp massage while the masque works its magic. Your skin will emerge detoxified, firmer, brightened and rejuvenated. Add a half hour of massage to extend your journey!

Exotic Garden Back Ritual*
45 Minutes | $100

Pamper your hardest to reach, most neglected area. See description for Exotic Garden Body Wrap. Same ritual just for your back.

* These products contain nuts. Ask about an alternative if you are allergic.

Prices subject to change without notice.